Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Apperciation & Reflection

I would like to thank my English teacher,Puan Ng for helping me to complete this folio.I also would like to thank my parents who gave me moral supports during this folio.During completing this folio I have learn many moral values.Therefore,I would thank all my friends who also helped me to build a good folio.

Thank you

A letter for your favourite character

Dear Katya,

My name is Fit3. I think you are an amazing girl. You are always calm and you never give up in every task and situation that was given to you. You even keep your promises and you were calm when the Czar was angry at you. You can solve the problem that is impossible to do so.You are also my favourite character and you are pretty too. I liked the part where you completed all the tasks which were given. When I finished reading, I had learned many moral values. I love reading your book and hope to see you soon!


Favourite character

My favourite character is Katya.I choose her as my favouriye caharacter becouse she is clever and hardworking

The differences

Similarities and Differences
Katya :

The Czar:

The Similarities: The similarities between the both of them are that they are clever.

The Differences: Katya is a very patient girl when doing her work while the Czar is an impatient man.


Book Review (English Folio)

Title of the Book : Clever Katya
Story retold by: Julia Donaldson
Illustrator: Jane Kochnewitz
Publisher: Ginn

Summary of The Story:

This story is about a clever girl called Katya. One day, the Czar of Russia was riding in his coach and saw a farmer eating some bread. The Czar was hungry so he stopped the coach. He asked the farmer for some bread and then ate the bread. The Czar told the farmer that it was the best bread he ever tasted and asked him who made the bread. The farmer told the Czar that his daughter, Katya who made the bread. The Czar wanted to know more about Katya. The farmer told him that she's a wonderful girl, pretty, strong, a good farmer, a good singer and a good baker. The farmer also told the Czar that his daughter is the cleverest person in Russia. The Czar then jumped back on his coach and said he will be back. The next day, he went to the farmer's house. He told the farmer to asked Katya to hatch some eggs into chickens. She thought of an idea.
The next day, the Czar came to the farmer's house again and saw a girl singing while throwing some boiled beans on to the ground. The Czar was confused. He knew it was Katya so he gave Katya a handful of wool and asked her to make curtains for the palace with the wool. He then left. The next day, the Czar came back to the farmer's house. He was begining to like Katya. He asked her for the curtains but she gave him a piece of twig. The Czar was then confused. She told him that she could make a spinning wheel out of the twig to make the curtains. The Czar told her that she was very clever. Then, the Czar gave Katya a cup. She was told to fill the cup up with all the water from the sea. Katya thought of an idea. The next day, katya explained to the Czar that the rivers will flow into the sea and fill it up again and if the rivers are dam up, she could fill the cup. The Czar was happy and asked her to marry him. Katya said yes but with one promise which is to bring home the thing she loved best.They were married then. They lived happily for one year.
One night, the Czar was in a bad mood and quarelled with Katya. Katya then put the Czar to sleep by putting a soft pillow under his head and sang.The coach had arrived to bring Katya home. She asked the servants to carry a heavy chest into the coach. When they arrived at Katya's father house, the servants put the chest at the living room. Her father open it and saw the Czar. The Czar woke up and was angry. Katya told him that she loved him and brought him home. The Czar jumped out and hugged her.
The Part I Liked Most: The part I liked most is when Katya told the Czar that she loved him and thats why she brought him home and the Czar hugged her.
What Did I Learned From This Story: I learned that in every problem, there must be a way to solve it even though we are clever or not and we must keep our promises.
Ratings : ***** ( 5 stars )